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The Barn

GrandyOats moved into the barn on Labor day weekend 2001, just the latest chapter in a long history for the barn. When it was built in 1908 as breeding facility for Jersey cows, it was the largest barn in the state of Maine. At one end of the barn sits twin four story ceramic tile silos which one old timer said were never used. Unfortunately, they have been crumbling since the roofs collapsed 20 years ago and will have to come down one of these days. The land that was adjacent to the barn was wet so it was cleared, all the rocks removed, and French drainage tiles were installed. No small feat for the day, especially in rural Maine.



The facility was built as sort of a show place with all the cutting edge technology and people came from well over a hundred miles to just tour it. The trouble was that it was over built. Too big to be economically viable and the cows moved out. In the fifties, in came the chickens and it became a facility for chicks, not eggs. This was big business for the area then with multiple other chicken houses built and operating along this stretch of road. When starting the latest expansion here within the barn, we even found a few fifty year old eggs in the walls. This industry soon started to dry up and soon the barn was empty.


It’s been said that possibly someone used the barn in the late sixties to build small boats in but we can't confirm this. What can be confirmed is that in the mid seventies a group of four guys bought the barn and started to convert it to a ski and party house for themselves putting in the 3000 sq foot 4 bedroom apartment which now houses our offices and common space.


As you can imagine, the next chunk of time is a bit foggy for the barn but it seems it was quite the time. When we bought the barn at auction in august of 2000 it was being used as a horse barn, fully set up with the horses moving out only the day before. Within a year we had fully converted the ground level to house our bakery giving new life to an old barn. The rest they say is history!

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